The start of something great.

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Like a Swiss
Army Knife
for your

One machine will:


Thaw Food Rapidly

Wash Fruits & Vegetables

De-Glaze Seafood

Clean Skewers Robotically

De-Carbonize Tough Stains

Save Time & Money

Wash Parts & Cutlery

Reduce Water & Chemical Usage

Join the Revolution

Enjoy hands-off operation. With easy-to-customize settings and cycles unique to your operation, all you have to do is load the machine, press start, and walk away. Let ImmersaFlex* take care of the rest. Whether you're thawing or washing food, cleaning baked-on soils on hard-to-wash items, or a variety of other tasks, you can spend time on the things you need to do while ImmersaFlex does the hard work — that no one else wants to do. 

You can rest easy knowing that your work is done the right way, every single time, with rapid, on-demand perfection in washing and thawing. And thanks to ImmersaFlex’s fully automated system cleaning and sanitizing, the machine is cleaned to nationally recognized standards at the end of every process and at nightly shut down.

* Patents pending

Works seamlessly in your operation.

Whether your operation is quick-serve, institutional, or somewhere in between, ImmersaFlex has a perfect solution for you. The system does multiple critical tasks in one small foot print, not much bigger than a reach-in refrigerator. Mixed loads of products can be thawed or washed at the same time — up to 150 pounds of product at once. ImmersaFlex's easy to use touch screen, indicator lights, and optional alarm alerts team members when items are complete. Now “On Demand Thawing” is possible, even for very high-volume operations. So versatile and revolutionary, ImmersaFlex might not just fit in your operation, it may take it over.

Our team

Brought to you by industry experts

John Cantrell, President

John Cantrell owns the leadership role at Immersion Systems, Inc., with a focus on product design, innovation, IP, customer interactions, and strategic direction. John is an advocate of "new to the world" equipment systems that can dramatically improve foodservice processes, sanitation, efficiencies, conservation, and team member ergonomics. Prior to serving with ISI John co- founded Power Soak Systems, Inc., which pioneered the product category of "continuous motion" washing. Power Soak products can be found in thousands of locations of leading foodservice chains, as well as institutional and retail operations throughout the world. John and his wife Barbara live in Kansas City and have four children.

Richard Powers operates as the Chief Engineer role for ISI. Richard has worked in the food manufacturing equipment industry as a machine design and product development engineer for 42 years. His unique system designs have produced 27 domestic patents and many foreign patents. Richard started his career in the food manufacturing industry as a machine designer and worked his way to the position of Chief Engineer of Research and Development for Marlen International. Richard completed projects for processing a variety of food products including fruits, vegetables, doughs, and meats. The types of machines and processes included pumps, grinders, extruders, sizers, portioners, aseptic processing, and modified atmosphere packaging. More recently, as Chief Engineer of Product Development for Shick-Esteve, he developed systems for pneumatic transfer of dry ingredients such as sugar, flour, grain, and coffee beans. Richard graduated from Oklahoma State University. Richard lives in Kansas City and has been married to his wife, Donna, for 44 years. They have two married sons and four grandchildren.

Richard Powers, Chief Engineer

Roger Shealy, Systems Development

Roger Shealy serves in a Systems Development role for Immersion Systems Inc., advising the integration of operations with machine design. Prior to serving with ISI, Roger founded Chick-fil-A’s Production Design group, setting strategy and designing food production systems for 22 years during the brand’s explosive growth from 650 million dollars in 1996 to 10 Billion dollars in 2018. Roger retired from Chick-fil-A in 2018 as a Senior Director on the Customer Experience Leadership Team, which develops and coordinates customer experience strategies for Menu, Service, and Production. Prior to Chick-fil-A he served in Process Development and R&D roles for Michelin and Electromagnetic Sciences, a provider of microwave electronics for space and defense. He and his wife Jean live in Atlanta, have 3 grown children, and 3 grandchildren.

Mark Churchill, VP Innovations & Technical Support

Mark Churchill serves in a product innovation & customer development role at Immersion Systems Inc. Utilizing a strong manufacturing background grounded in generating innovative product designs that are logical, durable and usable with over 20 US patents. One of Mark’s passions is making sure the voice of the customer is heard and realized at all levels, resulting in products that function beyond customer expectations. Mark and his wife live in Kansas City.

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